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MainItem NameFeaturesCategoriesLatitudeCouponCountDistanceToCampusNumberOfBedroomsRentRangeLeaseLengthUniversityIDRefIDRefType
Beauty and Tattoo Studio
The Neon Door34,48,67Beauty and Tattoo Studio,10,0159918
Circus School

Circus Sanctuary

2706 N. Silverbell Rd., Suite 1120, Tucson
(520) 314-6415
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Circus Sanctuary67,34,48Circus School ,00,0161028
Fitness & Personal Training
Boxing Fit University 34,48,67Fitness & Personal Training32.2527737,-110.943730810,011368
Fitness & Personal Training

Orangetheory Fitness

2501 E. Grant Rd., Suite 101, Tucson
(520) 300-9585
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Orangetheory Fitness34,48,67Fitness & Personal Training32.2505019,-110.9350571~32.2229039,-110.8573874~32.2750245,-110.8741981~32.3358709,-110.9785051~32.3737274,-111.1368117000000110,0154668
Hair Salon/Barbershop
SportClips Haircuts34,48,67Hair Salon/Barbershop32.2834366,-110.97668520000002~32.1874149,-110.95519079999997~32.221166,-110.8727915~,00,0146258
Hair Salons

TONI&GUY Hairdressing

446 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 160, Tucson
(520) 624-2722
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TONI&GUY Hairdressing34,67,48Hair Salons32.2271788,-110.94318620000001~32.2889019,-110.9739526999999810,0135728
Nail Salons
Beyond Nails & Spa67,34,48Nail Salons,10,0160848
Nail Salons
My Nails on Campbell34,48,67Nail Salons,10,0155418
Nail Salons

Rich Nails

3140 E. Ft. Lowell Rd., Tucson
(520) 203-7700
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Rich Nails34,48,67Nail Salons,10,0160858
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services

Campbell Spa & Nails

2517 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson
(520) 881-6245

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Campbell Spa & Nails34,67,48Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services32.2524092,-110.9444035000000210,0150218
Skin Boutique

Bespoke Skin Boutique

6360 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 160, Tucson
(520) 989-3174
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Bespoke Skin Boutique34,48,67Skin Boutique32.3215247,-110.9282637999999710,0154678
Spa Services
Face Time Aesthetics by Cynthia Carsten34,48,67Spa Services,00,0156748
Sperm Bank and Egg Bank
The World Egg and Sperm Bank48Sperm Bank and Egg Bank,00,0158408
Urgent Care Center

NextCare Urgent Care

501 N. Park Ave., Suite 110, Tucson
(888) 306-5314
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NextCare Urgent Care34,48Urgent Care Center32.2281326,-110.95688110000003~32.2844304,-110.9767584~32.2426838,-110.85916120000002~32.2084007,-110.78899539999998~32.1541715,-110.99003070000003~32.1820822,-110.94782279999998~,~,~,~,~,00,0136718
SweetCheeks Wax Parlor34,48,67Waxing32.2569945,-110.9434516999999710,011478
The Waxing Studio34,48,67Waxing32.2535461,-110.9443557999999810,0146268
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