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MainItem NameFeaturesCategoriesLatitudeCouponCountDistanceToCampusNumberOfBedroomsRentRangeLeaseLengthUniversityIDRefIDRefType
Automotive Repair & Tire Shop
Nichols Tire and Automotive34,58Automotive Repair & Tire Shop29.8845883,-97.9406784000000200,0640297

Batteries + Bulbs

1035 N. St. Hwy 123, Suite 107, San Marcos
(512) 216-6784
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Batteries + Bulbs34,58Batteries29.5786719,-97.94191169999999~30.1938643,-97.8423925000000200,0645067
Cell Phone & Computer Repair

1Up Repairs

212 University Dr., San Marcos
(512) 271-2000
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1Up Repairs34Cell Phone & Computer Repair29.8852892,-97.93960809999999~30.2829373,-97.7422732999999700,0642167
Financial Services

Wells Fargo

LBJ Student Center, San Marcos
(512) 392-3768
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Wells Fargo34,58Financial Services29.8893372,-97.94444039999996~29.8826934,-97.93900539999999~29.8834433,-97.9122823999999800,0643077
Flower Shop

The Floral Studio

331 W. Hopkins St., Suite 100, San Marcos
(512) 392-4656
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The Floral Studio34Flower Shop29.8822386,-97.9451113999999700,0642317
Plasma Donation

BPL Plasma

1400 IH 35 South, San Marcos
(512) 392-7570
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BPL Plasma34Plasma Donation29.8907009,-97.9138942000000200,0642357
Smoke Shop

Marvelous Smoke

350 N. Guadalupe St., Suite 140, San Marcos
(512) 392-3232
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Marvelous Smoke34Smoke Shop29.8850359,-97.94133469999997~30.2476969,-97.77426679999996~30.3267373,-97.7405946999999700,0642367
Textbooks and Supplies

University Bookstore at Texas State

LBJ Student Center on Campus, 2nd Floor, San Marcos
(512) 245-2273
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University Bookstore at Texas State34,58,99Textbooks and Supplies29.8832749,-97.94139410000002~29.8832749,-97.9413941000000200,0642157
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