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Blake's Steaks

700 University Dr. E., College Station
(979) 676-7885
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Blake's Steaks28,47,37,36,64,32,51,63,43,66,34,72American30.6326965,-96.327402510,0451163
Carter's Burgers47,37,64,63,51,34,71American30.6427796,-96.35164930000002~30.534641,-96.3013753999999810,0415273

Dat Dog

101 Church Ave., College Station
(979) 704-5257
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Dat Dog47,28,37,64,63,43,51,66,68American30.6171152,-96.349322100,0453723
Layne’s Chicken Fingers47,37,64,63,51,66,34,70American30.623196,-96.32852~30.5920806,-96.3315182~30.5518387,-96.26540100,0415313

Ozona Grill and Bar

520 Harvey Rd., College Station
(979) 694-4618
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Ozona Grill and Bar28,47,64,32,63,51,43,46,66,72American30.6193124,-96.313344910,0453743

World of Beer

425 Northpoint Crossing, Suite 700, College Station
(979) 985-5927
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World of Beer28,37,64,51,63,43,68,66,34,71American30.6278515,-96.3356516999999710,0451173

Zero Degrees

11671 FM 2154, College Station
(979) 704-5488
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Zero Degrees28,47,64,36,63,51,66,68,34,70Asian30.58500699999999,-96.322800110,0453813

Good Bull BBQ

326 George Bush Dr., College Station
(979) 204-1475
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Good Bull BBQ47,37,64,32,51,66,34,72Barbecue30.60558949999999,-96.3373758999999810,0453823
Rudy's "Country Store" and Bar-B-Q27,47,37,32,64,66,34,68,71Barbecue30.6182794,-96.3143415999999810,0453833
Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee

Krispy Kreme

1312 Harvey Rd., College Station
(979) 704-5346
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Krispy Kreme28,27,47,64,37,32,63,51,66,68,34,71Breakfast, Cafes and Coffee30.6246504,-96.3075418999999910,0453843

China King Buffet

2402 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 694-7959

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China King Buffet47,37,64,63,66,34,71Chinese30.6082077,-96.3118890000000110,0448683
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies
Clean Juice College Station28,37,47,27,64,32,63,68,34,71Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies30.5413598,-97.8202271999999810,0453853
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies

Smoothie King

1908 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 696-5464
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Smoothie King27,28,47,37,64,32,63,51,68,34,70Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies30.613785,-96.3174006~30.5849633,-96.2825250999999900,0416503
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

170 Century Square Dr., College Station
(979) 704-3357
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Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream36,64,32,63,34,70Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies30.6266479,-96.338310600,0453863
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies


1800 Texas Ave. S., Suite B, College Station
(979) 693-1500

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Swirls64,32,63,66,68,34,70Ice Cream, Yogurt, Juices & Smoothies30.5251674,-97.8204933000000110,0453873


400 Harvey Rd., College Station
(979) 694-5199
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Johnny Carino's

620 Harvey Rd., College Station
(979) 764-7374
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Johnny Carino's36,37,32,57,63,43,51,68,34,72Italian30.484608,-97.8077195999999810,0453733
Mongolian Stir Fry

Genghis Grill - Create Your Own Stir Fry

700 University Dr., Suite B, College Station
(979) 260-6800
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Genghis Grill - Create Your Own Stir Fry47,28,37,64,32,57,51,43,36,63,66,68,34,71Mongolian Stir Fry30.6097077,-96.355484110,0415483
Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean

Pita Pit

2008 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 694-5300
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Pita Pit37,36,27,47,32,64,63,51,34,70Pitas, Greek and Mediterranean30.6500164,-96.3606591000000200,0427373
Pizza and Wings

DoubleDave's Pizzaworks

1410 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 764-3283
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DoubleDave's Pizzaworks47,36,37,64,32,51,66,43Pizza and Wings30.617983,-96.32322620000002~30.5828348,-96.28641499999998~30.6738755,-96.3351531000000110,0453883
Pizza and Wings

Gumby’s Pizza

1102 Harvey Rd., College Station
(979) 764-8629
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Gumby’s Pizza47,37,36,64,51,32,66,34,71,63Pizza and Wings30.623539,-96.3080709999999810,0415493
Pizza and Wings

Hungry Howie’s Pizza

105 Southwest Pkwy., Ste. 400, College Station
(979) 693-6666
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Hungry Howie’s Pizza47,37,64,36,32,51,34,71Pizza and Wings30.591542,-96.330163~30.631655,-96.33773900,0416563
Pizza and Wings

Urban Bricks

1512 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 431-3833
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Urban Bricks47,37,36,64,32,51,68,34,71Pizza and Wings30.615906,-96.3208210999999910,0453893
Pizza and Wings
Wings ‘N More® Restaurant ‘N Bar47,37,63,51,43,66,68,34,71Pizza and Wings30.638189,-96.315079~30.59384,-96.29356~30.6300958,-96.3796891~30.670989,-96.4017079000000210,0415363
Sandwiches, Subs and Salads

Jersey Mike's

4001 State Highway 6 Frontage Rd., Suite 900, College Station
(979) 977-0779
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Jersey Mike's47,37,32,66,34,71Sandwiches, Subs and Salads30.5846747,-96.2823892999999810,0453903
Sandwiches, Subs and Salads


1907 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 696-6800
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Salata28,47,36,37,64,32,68,34,71Sandwiches, Subs and Salads30.61414319999999,-96.3176048999999910,0431973
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