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Fitness and Recreation

Orangetheory Fitness

1025 University Dr., Suite 103, College Station
(979) 213-5696
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Orangetheory Fitness34,67Fitness and Recreation30.624199,-96.3397617~30.5839661,-96.3243840000000100,0453938
Fitness and Recreation
Texas A&M University Department of Recreational Sports34Fitness and Recreation30.6083448,-96.345940200,0427878
Hair Salon/Barbershop

4.0 Cuts Barber Salon

101 Church Ave., Suite 1000, College Station
(979) 704-6440
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4.0 Cuts Barber Salon34,48,67Hair Salon/Barbershop30.6170358,-96.34915200,0441348
Hair Salon/Barbershop
Sport Clips Haircuts34,67Hair Salon/Barbershop30.5849124,-96.32239419999996~30.6351055,-96.32285709999996~30.5577496,-96.26236419999998~30.6310637,-96.3807464999999900,0453928
Hair Salons


1519 S. Texas Ave., College Station
(979) 696-1155
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SupercutsHair Salons30.617495,-96.3203032~30.5850008,-96.3261835000000100,0421098
Nail Salons

Color Nails and Spa

2001 Texas Ave., S., College Station
(979) 704-3219

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Color Nails and Spa34,48,67Nail Salons30.6129654,-96.3150061999999700,0451458
Nail Salons

Super Nails & Pedi Spa

1901 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 696-7250
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Super Nails & Pedi Spa34,48,67Nail Salons30.6147,-96.31574300,0415868
Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services

Fancy Nails and Spa

1512 Texas Ave., Suite 300 (Across from Chick-fil-A), College Station
(979) 777-8568
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Fancy Nails and Spa34,48,67Nails Salons, Waxing & Spa Services30.615906,-96.3208210999999900,0447478

Eye Trends

3525 Longmire Dr., Suite K, College Station
(979) 694-2000
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Eye Trends34,48,67Optometrist30.5817291,-96.2849848999999800,0451468
Plasma Donation

BPL Plasma

700 University Dr. E., Suite 111, College Station
(979) 268-6050
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BPL Plasma34Plasma Donation30.6329356,-96.32844039999998~30.6220963,-96.3535476999999800,0441378

Palm Beach Tan

1446 Texas Ave. S., College Station
(979) 695-8266
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Palm Beach Tan34,67Tanning30.6168235,-96.3228677999999800,0453948
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