Student Insider is the one-stop resource guide for university students, faculty and staff to access important campus information, connect with the university community, and receive discounts from popular university area businesses.

Student Insider is unparalleled in content, scope, readership, and reach in the university community. The publication is produced bi-annually (Fall and Spring semesters). The interactive edition (both online and mobile) at Student enables readers to not only access the entire publication and its content online, but to also link directly to advertisers’ websites – thereby increasing advertising/brand effectiveness and e-commerce activity.

Whether using Student Insider to locate which restaurants deliver subs, sandwiches and pizza, what bars offer specials on any night of the week, where to shop to purchase the latest clothing and shoes, find a particular retail shop or service, make an appointment for beauty, tanning, health or fitness services, find local entertainment, and even locate apartments, homes and accommodations, Student Insider covers it all!


The university communities we serve each account for approximately one billion dollars in annual spending in their local communities, making them one of the most desired and powerful consumer demographic groups. Moreover, not only do college students make the majority of their daily food, retail, and service-related purchases within the surrounding university community, they first establish lifelong buying habits while attending college. The most effective and cost efficient way to expose your business to these university students, faculty and staff is to advertise in the one medium highest in quality, richest in content, that students, faculty and staff reference many times daily – Student Insider. Unlike the short life span of newspaper ads, coupon-only books and flyers, Student Insider enables your business to send this powerful demographic a permanent advertisement message for an entire semester, enhancing brand and customer loyalty.


80,000+ printed publications are distributed annually (40,000+ each semester) in the largest market we serve, 60,000+ printed publications are distributed annually (30,000+ each semester) in our smallest market. Total circulation is based on the size of the university population. The interactive edition (both online and mobile) at expands the reach to many thousands more readers in the university and surrounding communities. The majority of Student Insider publications are hand-distributed throughout campus at the beginning of each semester. Student Insider publications are also hand-distributed to students living at the largest off-campus apartment communities, dormitories, and throughout the Greek system. Our thorough and direct distribution process is what sets Student Insider apart from all other student media.

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