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Axe Throwing

Hotshots Axe Throwing

1290 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 102, Tempe
(480) 591-9118
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Hotshots Axe Throwing34Axe Throwing,10,0255255
Board Game Cafe
Snakes & Lattes Tempe34Board Game Cafe33.4245772,-111.9410240999999900,0252555
College Sports
Sun Devil Athletics34,58College Sports33.425461,-111.9324174999999900,0212755
Escape Room

Alcatraz Escape Games

1290 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 103, Tempe
(480) 719-1234
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Alcatraz Escape Games34Escape Room,10,0255265

Karsten Golf Course

1125 E. Rio Salado Pkwy., Tempe
(480) 921-8070

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Karsten Golf Course34Golf33.4292486,-111.922002300,0218335
Indoor Rock Gym

Focus Climbing Center

2150 W. Broadway Rd., Suite 103, Mesa
(480) 718-5258
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Focus Climbing Center34Indoor Rock Gym33.408876,-111.8780239999999810,0229725
Music Festival

Country Thunder

20585 E. Prince Station Rd., Florence
(866) 802-6418
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Country Thunder34,58Music Festival33.0774994,-111.3531997999999700,0238955
Pottery Painting
As You Wish Pottery Painting Studios34,58Pottery Painting33.4329724,-111.9043028~33.6786150,-111.9746066~33.3832300,-111.8026941~33.2781035,-111.7913336~33.5353097,-112.26193309999996~33.7153123,-112.1134660999999810,022605
Professional Sports Teams
Arizona Diamondbacks34,58Professional Sports Teams33.4453726,-112.0675697000000400,0212685
Special Event/Festival
32nd Annual Arizona Renaissance FestivalSpecial Event/Festival33.3252047,-111.428882300,0248035
Urban Shopping and Dining
Mesa RiverviewUrban Shopping and Dining33.4356783,-111.864970700,022625
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